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Choosing your customers

August 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Today, I read a post by Seth Godin with the same title and was struck with just one thought – How many times do sales people see this point-of-view. My take is that this is a blindspot for most of us. I would like to re-iterate the questions again:

  1. How much does this type of customer need you? 
  2. How difficult is this sort of person to find…
  3. How difficult to reach
  4. How valuable is a customer like this one…
  5. How demanding?
If we are able to build our sales strategy based on the answers to these questions, selling would become so much more focussed and fun. 
Market definition is a much more simpler form of answering these very questions. However, I have not seen many companies define their markets as precisely or even update their definition of markets over time. Everyone is so busy doing our regular work that nobody sits down to ask these. 
Thanks a lot Seth for bringing this up. I am sure this will help me and a lot others like me to again go back to asking these questions.