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What did you ship in 2010?

Inspired by Seth Godin’s blog #YearInReview What did you ship in 2010?, I decided to do a little retrospection and list down all that I “shipped” in 2010. The list that I could come up with is the following:

  1. Achieved all the goals set for the year at work
  2. Started blogging in 2010 and I have 38 new blog posts this year
  3. Helped 3 start-ups decide their business model
Somehow, I get the feeling that this is just a small peck of what I shipped in 2010 and that there were much more that I did but could not remember. These are things that I should be proud of and here I am not even able to remember all that I shipped. I am sure if many of you also face this strange situation.

This brings me to my new year resolution for 2011 (as this is the time of year to set yourselves goals to gun for):

  1. Make a list of all that I ship every month (which also indicates that I want to ship atleast something every month).
This month-by-month retrospection of all my activities will help me in the following ways:

  1. I will know if I do not ship something at the end of every month à I will still be able to course correct and ship the next month
  2. At the end of the year, I will know exactly what all I have achieved month-by-month. I can then decide which of these wins need to go on my year end list of what I shipped.
Here I am, wishing everyone to bring to close 2010 in high spirits and a very happy and successful 2011!!!

May God be with us all !!!
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