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WOW !!!

Imagine the following situation:

“You have just finished your meetings in a city and want to fly back home. You board a flight and just before the flight can take off, the flight attendants come out and enact the safety measures on-board the flight.”

Now let’s stop here and think about this.

       How many of the passengers do you think actually watch the flight attendants go through the routine? Not many, I am sure (including me).
       Is it important for the passengers to know this information? Definitely.  
       How many of the flight attendants do you think like doing this? Not many. I think they get bored of the routine.

This is a classic example of a customer interaction with your employees à an opportunity to delight your customers. How? Watch the video of how a less known Philippines airline (Cebu Pacific) did this.


They took a boring but an important task and made it into a wow! moment for all of their customers. I am sure no one on the flight would forget this for a long time.

Will they go out and talk to their friends about this? I bet they will.

Do you think the customers would want to come back to the airlines? Everything else being equal, I bet they will return to the airlines whenever possible.

Do you think the flight attendants enjoyed the performance and the accolades? I bet they did.

I am sure this did not cost the airline much but the returns for them are amazing.

Will other airlines copy this? Maybe. I am not sure because this is very un-conventional and knowing that most of the airlines are old and conventional, it will take a lot of convincing for any of them to do something similar.

Not just that. They have tried to make fun an integral part of their customer experience which is very difficult to 

All said, the airlines took a very simple, boring and an important task and interaction with their customers and turned it into a competitive advantage.

Kudos to them!

Can you think of any other such innovative ideas that someone has used to wow! their customers? Do let me know. 
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