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Cry for help from a movie buff

I like watching a lot of movies as soon as they release and in a movie hall. However, of late I have a feeling that watching movie in a multiplex immediately after release has now become very expensive, if not inhibitive. So, as much I miss going to the cinema, I have still stopped going to the multiplexes and started to wait for these movies to be available as home video or screened on television.

If I am to believe what my friends have to say, this number is only growing.

This got me thinking. I wanted to think and come up with an idea that could be a win-win situation for all.


One simple and old idea could be to offer a season (monthly, yearly, weekday, etc) pass.

How do I benefit:
If they charge me say a 1000 bucks for a monthly pass, I am in. This is still more than I spend on movies currently. However, I am interested because this means I can watch as many movies I want to watch and at the multiplex where I like to watch these movies.

How does the multiplex benefit:
This works on the same principles as a monthly bus/train pass works. Guarantees minimum income; more revenue per consumer; better cash flow; lower cost of capital; increased loyalty, etc. If properly packaged and marketed, this can result in additional revenue for the Cineplex.

How does the industry benefit:
More people watch movies in the cinema halls than currently.

Of course this will mean to re-work the arrangement with the distributors of movies in terms of revenue sharing. But I think that the benefits far outweigh the cons in this case.

Hope PVR’s and INOX’s of this world are listening. 
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