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TED Talks

We have witnessed phenomenal rise in popularity of the TED talks. There are enough number of people who have already analyzed the reasons behind their enormous popularity. 

The questions that I want to ask are:
  • Are they still as relevant as they were about a couple of years ago?  
  • Considering them to be a successful business, is there an upstart who can challenge and beat them at their own?
  • If so, will they also follow the classic route to displace category leaders – Identify a niche and go after it; once done, repeat again with a different niche? 
  • Or have they found the winner against this strategy via their TEDx branded talks.

It will be very interesting for me to watch this phenomena play again in this sphere as this competition will only increase the quality of content being presented to us via such event.

Do let me know your thoughts. 

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