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What more can RadioOne do?

I wrote about the great campaign that Radio Oneexecuted recently to re-define their playlist by creating a user driven musicpanel. They are also engaging other users (via contests) to validate the new playlist byoffering a 1000INR gift voucher or cash prize for listeners who are able tocorrectly predict the song which did not make it to the playlist.

Now, Radio one has an opportunity to take theircustomer engagement to the next level. Instead of just offering cash rewards(or equivalent), they should also start offering social currency to all theirlisteners.

Let me explain:

Radio One currently has a Facebook fan group, wherelisteners can follow and participate in moderated discussions. Radio One couldalso offer social currency (points) to all the winners of the contests inaddition to the regular prizes. 

Listeners can accumulate these points to attaindifferent ribbon/badge/levels.

In order to participate, the listeners will need to jointhe facebook group and mention their winner code (a code that could be given toall the winners) to claim the points.

Radio one can then offer great experiences for alllisteners who achieve different levels. Some interesting ideas could be
  • Opportunity to host an episode of a popular showwith an existing RJ.
  • Meeting celebrities who are hosted at the Radiostation
  • Hosting a party for all winners @ a specific level.

This can also be extended to all the participants on Facebook who are actively participating in the online discussions & contestsas well.

In my opinion, something like this can take the userengagement to a completely different level. This will also help them increase the fans on their Facebook page

Hope someone at Radio one is listening!! 
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