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Death of the Car Audio Systems

After a lot of deliberation, I recently bought aSkoda Fabia for myself. As part of the negotiation, the dealer offered to providea Sony Car audio system for free (along with a few other goodies). I was happy withthe deal I got.

When I was driving back home, I thought that therewas no need for a car audio system, if it was possible for me to connect myphone to the in-built speaker systems that is a standard fitting for the modelI bought. My mobile has all the songs that I like along with an FM/AM radio tuner.

So, for all practical purposes, if I had a 3.5mm whichcould connect my phone to the in-built speakers, Id did not need the car audiosystem at all.

This could save some cost & effort (avoid another device/medium) for me(consumer), space in the interiors of the car which designers could use for abetter purpose.

I had recently written about the disruptive power of the mobile phone and how it has the potential to disrupt photocopiers, scanners & TV. This is another product category that could be threatened by the power of the mobile phone. 
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