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Customer Engagement (delight) at its best

The facebook team of zappos.com posted on their pagethe following post:

They got about more than 300 responses to thisquestion. One of the responses was the one below: 

They selected this fan, called her and offered herto choose a watch from their collection and they will ship it to her mom forfree.

She was totally wowed!!!

The team does not stop there. They take herpermission to post their conversation as a video on their facebook page (whichshe gladly agrees to – who wouldn’t in her position ;-))

Now, there are even more people who are wowed by thevideo and here I am writing about this wonderful thing.

What works wonders because of the surprise element(they did not mention that they will give away or that this was a contest) and connected to the emotions of all their fans (who would not like a person who would rather put her mothers need ahead out her own). Thewinner was taken by surprise (pleasantly). And the entire episode happens under 18 hours. 


Engagement at its best!!! 

This explains whyzappos.com customers are so so happy and loyal. 

This also explains why their employeesare so motivated and happy. 

Do you know of any other story about awesomecompanies doing some really awesome things? 
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