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11 things you could do to beat the stress due to traffic jam

  1. Build a playlist of your favorite music, one thatpumps you up and listen to it when stuck in a traffic jam.
  2. Use the record voice mode on your phone (most phoneshave it) to record your thoughts on any topic. You could even record your to dolist for the day on the phone. You could also record a love note for your hubby(or loved one’s) and send it to them as a voice message or play it to them onceyou reach home.
  3. Keep a book handy (for all you book-lovers). Read wheneverstuck in a jam where the traffic does not move at all. If stuck in a slowmoving traffic, better to avoid reading the book. 
  4. Find a video camera and find a way to mount it inyour car so that you can record yourself while you drive. You could mayberecord a love message for your loved one or a video podcast.
  5. I use my BB device to read & respond to tweetswhen I am stuck at a traffic signal or a jam. Takes my mind off the traffic and so no stress due to traffic. 
  6. Download interesting audio podcasts, audio books orsomething similar on a USB and listen to it while driving. This provides you theadditional time to learn something new while driving. You gain some moreproductive time.  
  7. Introspect. Use this time as your sacred time tointrospect on your priorities for the day (in the morning) or look back at theday to understand what you did, why you did and how could you have done abetter job.
  8. Get a driver. Read, listen to music, play, tweet orwork sitting in the back seat. The salary that you end paying him is much lessto the stress you put yourself in and the time you get back to do somethingimportant. You could even use the drive to write a book (if you always wanted towrite one), article, create a presentation, draw something, click some picturesdepicting life on the road.
  9. Invite a friend or a colleague to drive with you.Use the time to get to know each other, do a little chit-chat and evenbrainstorm. Nothing like a friend to keep you company at these stressful times.This is also a way to do your bit for mother earth.
  10. Exercise! Take a deepbreath (inhale & exhale). Then suck your tummy in and count till 10.Release your tummy and re-do. Do it till you reach your destination. This willstrengthen your ab muscles. Deep breathing will relax your body. 

  11. Lastly, start early so that you don’t have to be in a rush. Early birds beat the traffic as well. 

How do you beat the traffic stress? Do let us know by commenting on the blog. Maybe we can all learn some more about ways to beat the traffic blues. 

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