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It takes a team to win!

December 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Building a team

Tell me o Sir, when is the time to go looking out

And get a team who would work it out

He says:

” That’s a great topic that you have brought up

One that’s most difficult for a start-up

The best time to build a team

Is when you are getting started-up

Delay it a bit and you might not have a start-up

Get it wrong and for sure you will not have a start-up

This is one of those things

that could either destroy

Or give a new-lease of life

Hmm, I understand this now

The time to put together a team

The earlier the better, it is now”

What to look in people while recruiting

Could you also tell me sir

The qualities I should look

When building the team

He says:

Look for people who are

“Passionate about something

Who have a lot of friends?

Who have tried different things”

Everything else is a plus

I ask:

Could you please explain sir

What’s special about these three traits?

He says:

When somebody is passionate about something

They know what passion is and what it could do

It’s easier to ignite their  passion

Someone with a  lot of friends

Knows to work with people

Knows when to chip in

When to move out of the way

He can work with anyone

He can gel with everyone

He will be a team player

One of the kind, you would want

If he has tried different things

Knows what it’s like to venture in the unknown

More willing to learn & un-learn

Would have seen people fail

And knows it is ok to fail

With these traits

Its very hard to say

No to success!

Hmm, I understand this now

Passionate, friendly and one with an open mind

Is the recipe to look for in an ideal employee 

Treating your team

Now that we talk about team & employee,

Could you also tell me the way to treat them fairly?

Is an annual appraisal program, the right way to groom them all?

He says:

Annual appraisal is what everyone does

I am afraid it doesn’t work well

I think it is best to appraise people

As and when they perform

Praise them, reprise them

As soon as they

Did something right or wrong

If you think they are ready to move up the ladder

To take up more responsibility

To lead and succeed,

Do not wait for the year to end

But give them the responsibility

Right there and then

You will find people are happier

And the morale high

When they see others succeed

While doing something right

Note that I have said more responsibility

And not a promotion

For promotions are why

Teams break up

For promotions are limited

So, seeds of jealousy they sow

And team work – there it goes.

If you want to use promotions,

I suggest you rather promote a team

Than any individual

As then the team becomes important

Than any single individual!

Hmm, now I understand

If you promote an individual

You get a team full of individuals

When you promote a team

You get teams made up of members!

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