Referral programs

It always feels great when we get some really good service. Also, looks like the restaurant has figured out the most important criteria for a successful referral program:

  • Simplicity (The program should be really simple to explain, understand and share with others.
  • Thank and reward your referring customers (It seems really simple and common-sense to do this, but you will be surprised to know how many businesses fail to thank their customers who refer the business to new friends.
  • Keep up the service levels (Once you start getting new customers, businesses thrive and a lot of them fail to keep up their standards. That is when the downward spiral begins).

Hope airlines learn from this and instead of creating frequent flier programs, start creating referral programs.


An impressive follow-through after enjoying a great dinner…

Our waiter upon presenting our bill asked if we wanted to take part in their referral program. “Sure” we said. “We love this place”

He registered our name and email on a portable tablet and presented us with three plastic cards that we could hand out to our friends.

“If your friends go online and enter the code on that card” the waiter stated, ” They will receive an email with our introductory offer of a free appetizer with their meal. If they come in and dine with us we will send you our thank you reward of a free dessert with your next meal.”

“Sounds pretty straight forward” I said “We can do that”

When I got home I noticed that I had received an email from the restaurant with an additional “virtual card” that I could email and Tweet to…

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