This is a very interesting post by Jonathan. He talks about the two differing points of view on decision making – Instintive decisions (as argued by Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Blink” and taking time to make your decisions (as argued by Frank Partnoy in his book “Wait: The art and science of Delay”.

In my opinion, what style you use to make decisions is mainly a function of your personality. For example, I prefer instinctive decision making and that has worked really well for me.

So, we should reflect about our own personality and use what works best for us. Though knowing more about both styles does provide some food for thought on why a specific style works for one.

Manage By Walking Around

Remember Malcolm Gladwell’s book called Blink?

Gladwell argued that we should trust our snap judgments, using examples from science, advertising, medicine and music.  These examples showed that spontaneous decisions were as good as, and usually better than, carefully considered ones.

In Wait: The Art and Science of Delay, Frank Partnoy takes the exact opposite point of view.  After interviewing more than 100 experts from different fields and examining several hundred studies, Partnoy claims that most people don’t take enough time to make decisions.  Using a Gladwell-esque style, Partnoy argues that the best decision makers – premier athletes, expert investors, and even popular comedians – hone the ability to wait as long as possible before deciding or acting.

I’m writing this blog  while watching a professional baseball game and the game itself reinforces Partnoy’s claim.  The best hitters are the ones who wait the longest time to make a decision…

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