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3 Inspiring Videos

First video is an inspiring tale of someone who turned what many would assume to be a handicap into her strength and shows that if you really want to achieve something and are willing to pay the price, you can achieve anything in life.

Second video is about a teacher who talks about the fact that every kid in this world needs someone who believes in the kid and what he/she can achieve. I believe this is true not only for the kids in school but for each of us at every stage in life.

Third video is about how two people in Australia were able to create a movement to topple the incumbent president of their country and went on to enable other groups of people create massive change. They embody the principle that each one of us has what it takes to “make a dent in the world”.

Hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did. I also hope that you do the following once you have watched these videos:

– Share any of the videos to your friends and family who might enjoy them
– Identify one person in your life today, who believes in you and your dream and thank them for doing so.
– Identify one person in your life today, to whom you become the champion for.
– Identify one thing in yourself that you think is holding you back and start to think of how you can turn this very thing into something that becomes your strength.

Do you know of any other inspiring videos? Do share them in the comments below so that we can inspire each other and stay inspired.

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