I currently work for SAP as Customer advocate. In this capacity, I am responsible to ensure that the voice of the customer is being heard, his challenges understood and worked upon and play the bridge between the customers and the SAP world.

As part of this role, I also run the SAP user group in India (INDUS) for them. This is one of the only active user groups in India with more than 400 customers as a member of the organization.

Prior to taking this assignment, I was also responsible for Software partner recruitment. I was also a key member for a grass-route innovation project @ SAP which introduced me to the concepts of innovation & design thinking.

Prior to joining SAP, I have worked with Saint Gobain Glass in the customer service, logistics, production planning & sales functions.

I was founder-CEO of a start-up called “Innovative Enterprises”, which I closed down after having run it for two years. The venture was in the retail & distribution business.

Prior to that, I worked @ Pradeep Industrial Packers in various capacities and functions including Sales, marketing, Logistics, production, administration & left the organization as branch manager for 2 of their branches responsible their P&L.

I am passionate about helping Startups & small business. I have authored and published a book “The Business Prophet“. This book is in the form of a poem, which distills the wisdom in starting, running and exiting businesses in a small, simple to read poem. This book is now available for kindle on Amazon here.

I am a BSc (Applied Science) graduate from University of Madras and have completed Masters in Marketing Management from Pondicherry University.

My core strengths are in the areas of moderating discussions, sales & marketing, business models and innovation.

All views expressed in this blog are my personal views only and is not endorsed by my past, current or future employers.


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