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Its time for Celebration and Some Introspection

December 16, 2013 Leave a comment


My last blog post was the 250th post on this blog. When I started this blog, I had not realized that this would be such a long, fulfilling and an interesting journey.

Thank You:

Along the way, I have met a lot of people who have shared my beliefs and those who did not share my beliefs. Irrespective of us agreeing, I have gained many more friends. 

In order to write a blog post, I have read many different perspectives that have already been shared by other bloggers. This enabled me to stumble upon some of the best content and bloggers that the web has to offer. Each one of them and the blog posts that I have read have contributed to improving my understanding of the topics I have written about. 

Some of my posts got great response (shared/read by a lot of people), some that i am very proud to have written but did not get shared as much. However, each one of these posts were equally difficult to write and equally satisfying. 

I would like to thank you all, my readers who have read, shared and inspired me to continue to share my thoughts as blog posts!


I also commit to you all to continue to strive and bring to you different perspectives and thoughts to the topics that i write about.


I think it is important for us all to introspect and look back at our work every now and then and try to make sense of the journey, what worked and what didn’t and why?  

I realize that most of my best work has been when I was emotionally involved and passionate about what I wrote. Most of these were in response to what I saw taking place in and around me in various organizations. 

I also realize that almost all of the work that could have been better has been when, I have tried to keep up to a schedule of posting, so that I continue to post something every week.

This has made me resolve that I shall strive to write posts only when I am emotionally connected to the topic.

For all of you who want to check my best work thus far, please find below a list that I have created.  

Top 5 posts (from a readership/shares) perspectives:  

5 posts which I think were some of my best work (apart from the one’s above): 

Do let me know which of my posts did you like the best thus far.

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Hoping to continue to have your support!